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Full Name :   David  Badger
Gender :   male
Age :   37
State :   New York
Country :   United States
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Fishing in the Long Island Sound
sub-category : Open Water Fishing
img 10-19-2010

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Thanks to the generosity of my father-in-law Dave, I got to bring along some of my friends to go fishing in the Long Island Sound a couple of weeks ago. We were fishing for black fish with live crabs for bait. Our guide was Rich Tenreiro who is on a fishing show called Northeast Angling. It was a beautiful day, with little action until early afternoon, when we couldn't reel 'em in quick enough. All in all, we got 19 keepers (>14in) with 20lbs of filets. Not only were they fun to catch, but we cooked some that night and they were tasty, too. All in all, a great fishing trip.
img 10-22-2010
Yeah, but David, THOSE fish are too big! You need to come to Utah and I'll show you where to catch some little micro-trout. Way to go! Very cool.